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We've teamed up with Miss Tomato and The Chief Smasher from Smashed Tomato Pizzas to bring you our Takeaway Tuesdays!

All you have to do to win yourself FREE pizza is tell us your favorite three toppings, and if yours is picked not only will you win pizza, but your named delicacy will become the featured pizza of the week on their menu! 

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About our Sponsor: 

Are you tired of boring tasting pizza and looking for a wood fired pizza adventure? Have you tasted the difference yet?

Swing by our pizza van for a slice of fun and laughter while we whip up your pizza masterpiece right before your eyes!

Meet our dynamic duo: The 'Chief Smasher' and 'Miss Tomato.'

The ‘Chief Smasher’ is the cooking maestro, cool as a cucumber and ready to feed a hungry crowd. Then there's ‘Miss Tomato’, bursting with passion to become the ultimate pizza rock star with a tomato crown!

After globetrotting, lots of taste-testing, and food experiments (with a sprinkle of vino), 'Smashed Tomato' was born.

Find us cruising around West Cornwall, serving up scrumptious wood-fired pizzas with good vibes!

Craving a specific pizza pick-up time? Call us on 07399 244036 to secure your slot and we'll hand over your hot pizza with a side of smiles!

Want a pizza party? Call us to secure your hot and fresh pizza with a sprinkle of joy! Whether it's a wedding, party or a corporate event, we're here to bring the pizza fun!

We’ve joined forces with 'Rewind Radio’ and we just know how much fun we are going to have together! Follow our pizza adventures and escapades on Instagram and Facebook today!

Can't wait to hear from you!

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