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Grants available to help workplaces fund green travel measures

Applications are now open for workplaces wanting to support their staff to make more sustainable choices about how they travel to and from work.

The Council’s Workplace Travel Grant offers match funding of up to £5,000 to organisations to provide facilities and equipment. It aims to help employers to break down some of the barriers their employees might face in choosing sustainable modes of travel over taking the car to and from work. 

Grants have previously been used to provide a range of measures including bike shelters, car share parking spaces and pool bikes.  

Liskeard Town Council applied for a grant in the last round to help fund an e-cargo bike. 

Jacqui Orange, facilities manager at Liskeard Town Council, said: “All our parks and open spaces are within a mile from where we are based at the public hall and we do a lot of short journeys. The e-cargo bike lends itself to the job well. 

“We use it daily for our play park inspections, litter picking, moving materials between our sites. It has been quite motivating for our staff.” 

Volunteer Cornwall applied for a grant towards a bike storage unit at their headquarters in Truro. 

Martin Cluer, climate resilience project officer at Volunteer Cornwall, said: “As an organisation there is a lot we want to do to encourage measures that are greener or more climate resilient and the bike shelter is the first step in a series of plans.  

“We know from our work that the health benefits of exercise are enormous and if you can start to bring that in even occasionally will have a big impact. 

“Next we’ll be looking at applying for an e-bike so that people can go out on the Newham Trail, Truro Loops, wherever they might take the car at lunchtime.” 

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2024.  

Find out more about the Workplace Travel Grant 

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