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The Big Cornish Breakfast With Laura Mac


Tune in every morning Monday to Friday between 7am and 11am for the Big Cornish Breakfast with Laura Mac.  

Put your musical knowledge to the test with the mystery game! 5 songs, 5 clues. Could you be this week's fastest, fastest finger first?! 

Karaoke requests are open for your singalong hour at 10 o’clock and of course she’ll keep you updated with all the latest news, weather and travel.

If you want to take part in the show message Laura via the Rewind Radio app or on Whatsapp - 01209 316415. 


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More about Laura:

"Hello! Laura here… your breakfast presenter on Rewind Radio. 

I am the biggest morning person, I spring out of bed the second my alarm goes off and that energy rarely dips until my head hits the pillow at night!  

Outside of Rewind, I spend my afternoons running online art sessions for seriously ill children, with the charity Spread a Smile. 

When I’m not working, you can find me at the gym throwing some heavy weights around, or walking my dogs at the beach- my ultimate happy place! 

Work-life balance is an absolute priority for me and I consider myself very lucky to only do jobs that I love. After moving to London for University, and staying up there to live and work for 10 years, I am very happy to be back home in Cornwall surrounded by friends and family.  

I have the most weird and wonderful CV, from pub quiz host and holiday park entertainer to Princess Fiona at Shrek’s Adventure and dancing on stage as a Troll at the London Palladium. 

I live by the mantra “Just say yes and worry about it later” which has taken me on some adventures! Although most recently that saw me eating my way through 10 rounds of super-hot chillies, including the hottest one in the world… (Turns out, I’m also super competitive!)  

Join me weekdays from 7-11 for a bit of morning motivation, the mystery year and let’s get those endorphins flowing with a good old singalong!"


More information about our sponsor:

As we have grown, so has our family. It’s not just the Clarke family that do all they can to make our delicious award-winning Cornish dairy products, it’s our colleagues, our farmers and of course, our customers too.

Trewithen Dairy is owned and run by the Clarke family, who have owned Greymare Farm in the Glynn Valley, Cornwall since 1976 and started crafting dairy products there in March 1994.

In the early days the Clarkes had their own herd. Bill and Rachel would bottle the milk once the children were in bed and deliver it early the next morning. They cooked the clotted cream themselves, in open trays and potted it by hand. Their customers loved the Cornish dairy goodness, and soon the Clarkes were supplying more and more happy customers.

By 2001 the milk bottling and cream making side of the business had become so successful that a big decision had to be made. To continue dairy farming or switch completely over to processing milk. It was not an easy decision, but the family sold their herd and moved full time into producing milk, cream and, more recently, butter and yoghurt.

Our Cornish milk comes our own directly contracted farmers, all based with a 25 mile radius of our dairy, we caretakers of the land; we and our farmers recognise the need to look after the environment for future generations.

We’re proud our history and the generations who brought us here, but the future is our inspiration… Our vision is to be the leading Cornisth dairy provider of premium dairy products, delighting our customers with exceptional taste and quality. We do this underpinned by a belief that in doing the right thing for the planet, our people, and customers. Trewithen, Dairy done right!




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