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Why Local Radio?

The Unwavering Power of Local Radio:

Radio connects people in a way that no other medium can, it's powerful. It provides a source of entertainment and information, but it also plays a vital role in promoting local culture, supporting small businesses, and bringing communities together. Arguably, local radio's most significant role is to provide a platform for the voices of local residents to be heard. 

Local radio broadcasters have the freedom to choose their own track, to create links that demonstrate personal stories, and have freedom within a structure to deliver relevant content specific to its listeners. Local radio supports its local community, up-and-coming artists, alternative broadcasters, rising broadcast talent, and independant traders because it is part of its community. 

Local radio has been the foundation for some of the UK's most recognisable names in the industry; Scott Mills started at age 12 at a local hospital radio in Southampton, Beryl & Betty with a combined age of 175 and their hour-long show on BBC Humberside who were officially the oldest pair to receive a nomination at the Sony Awards.

Local radio is not immune to industry challenges, in fact last year Worldwide FM paused programming after the station announced it had to 're-organise and re-evaluate' its next phase in a post on Instagram, just one example of a local station pressing a long pause on it's broadcasting.

Despite its challenges, Local Radio remains a constant, never-ending live event. Familiar, and like an old friend on whom you can rely for new stories, pop quizzes, singalongs, local news, or a voice nattering away in the corner as you cook, clean, work, or drive.

There is still a demand for regional programming and value which proved itself considerably during the pandemic; it provides structure, and togetherness for those who are alone. With the rise in working from home, radio listeners look for something to tune into regularly that brings a sense of community through the airwaves. 

Local Radio is made up of more than the voice you hear in the car or on your smart speaker, it's producers, advertisers, researchers, creative teams and so much more.

The power of radio now is that you can stay connected to your favourite stations wherever you are, hearing a regional voice transports you to your corner of the world and delivers content that is meaningful to you. Local radio delivers this ten-fold, allowing listeners in this global village world to remain part of their local community. 

To summarise: local radio connects, supports, and champions those in its community. It remains relevant, valued, and part of hundreds of thousands of people's lives. 

Source: PRS For Music


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