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Cornish Pirates Statement

From majority shareholder and Life President - Sir Richard “Dicky” Evans

It is important I think to clarify why we have issued 12-month contracts for next season with a break clause effective in January 2025, this being subject to finance being available.

We have sufficient funds for us to issue contracts until then and we expect to generate more funds than envisaged in the current budget, to enable us to meet the outstanding amount required for post new year.

As ever we are relying heavily on the tremendous support of long-term sponsors again and we are eternally grateful to these very loyal supporters.

We certainly don't intend to run out of funds with committed contracts in place á la certain other clubs who went under.

After more than two decades at the helm, through seven league promotions and loads of young Cornish lads given a professional sports career, regrettably, due to ill health, I announced a Sunset Plan in 2022 that gave a final tranche of funding to the Cornish Pirates. That Sunset Plan gave time for the RFU to come to sensible decisions about the operation of the Championship, and for new investors to get to know the strength of the club, its players, supporters, and the beauty of Cornwall itself.

The fact that our worldwide presence as a very famous club ensures our continued excellent social networking success resulting in 2.1 million video views last month plus over 100,000 people a month participating actively in our content. This is better than many Premiership teams, ensuring our presence in the marketplace - something of which I am very proud.

We have interest from two international consortiums to replace me, but they, like us, are waiting for key decisions from the RFU. Understandably new investors need confidence that the RFU backs merit-based promotion and will not carve up the rugby market to favour a handful of Premiership clubs, locked in their ivory tower and allowing no Championship clubs through the door. Those decisions have been delayed again.

As this season draws to a close, I am determined that, despite needing to vary the terms of their contracts, players and staff have the certainty that they are part of the Pirates’ future, a future in which we remain a proud Cornish employer and an elite topflight Championship club. One day, in my lifetime, a Premiership Club.

So, it’s down to the RFU to provide a solid foundation on which new investors in this very famous rugby club can base their financial decisions.

Dicky Evans



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